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Solo Driving Mask or No Mask? Covid19 Pandemic 2020

Photo by Talia on Unsplash

As more and more people are out and about walking or riding bikes as well as individuals spending more time driving in their vehicle, people are wondering “Should an individual wear a
mask while driving solo in the vehicle”?

My comments concerning wearing a mask in the car when you’re the only one in it. As more and more States are lifting restrictions and now opening up, more people are
increasing their daily travels by car. I’ve heard the question come-up on the news and through social media. I've been questioned about it myself and had numerous conversations on the subject since individuals are concerned that the virus is airborne and can linger in the air for up to 3 hours or travel in the breeze. I would like to pass on some advice to help those that are not sure whether to wear a mask or not when no other occupants are in the vehicle.

Accidents occurring from people wearing a mask while driving is on the rise but there is no substantial data as yet proving that a mask was a contributing factor. Besides, this is a whole different topic.

Definitely use discretion and best judgement if you have a heart or lung disease because wearing the mask can affect your breathing.

As a note, there have been reported cases where individuals clearly admitted that they lost control or concentration because they were adjusting their mask or trying to put one on while driving. Outside of the obvious times to wear one, I suggest for anyone with concerns while driving alone in the vehicle, to consider wearing a mask with the following situations:
1) If the vehicle's windows are open or your vent setting is blowing fresh air when you are in slow-speed stop and go traffic or stopping with other cars around yours.
2) You are driving where you encounter cyclist or pedestrians like at red lights or waiting to make a  turn.
3) You are driving at low speed, multi-lane roads with other cars in traffic or notice their windows down.
4) You are in a moderate to heavily active parking lot or semi to the enclosed parking garage with
5) You drive through highly active shared parks where traffic speeds are 15mph or less.
6) You drive with a convertible top down in the above situations.

written by Mike Moran


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