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14 Considerations and Questions to Ask a Driving School When Looking for a Quality 6 Hour GDL Program for your Teenager

We train Students in a mid-size car because most families have mid-size cars or larger.  How to select the best driving school to suit your needs?   Consider the learning experience and goals you are seeking for your teenager as well as have an understanding about the program they will be using to teach your teenager especially if your teen has any level of a disorder.   The number of years a driving school has been in the business doesn’t necessarily mean they are one of the best nor does all the instructors combined years of teaching. Years teaching is not a gauge for quality instruction or indicates a quality instructor.   Affiliation with organizations doesn’t make that school great. It’s the driving schools’ programs quality and their instructor’s ability to provide quality training on a case-by-case for each student. Not every student learns at the same level. Certification and completed programs an instructor completed are not necessarily indicating they

Why it's a Good Idea to Avoid Driving on Flooded Roads and What to Do When You Can't Avoid It

AVOID Driving in water this DEEP Photo by  Wade Austin Ellis  on  Unsplash F looding    can happen any time thanks to the rain, blocked drains or burst water mains. Surface water depth from these can be hard to predict and be very deep. Manhole covers can get lifted and moved or a sinkhole opened up in the street that you can’t see. It’s best to avoid driving through water, especially if you’re not sure how deep it will be.  The safest thing to do is go around puddles when you can and NEVER EVER drive through moving water over 4” inches.   Most experts say not to drive through more than four inches of moving water! Fast-moving water is very powerful – take care or your car could be swept away.  Note: 1’ foot of moving water can easily push a car off the road.        Just driving through a few inches of water, better take caution. It’s not that deep, but if you drive through to fast, you risk splashing water into your intake or getting electrical components